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Latest Altercation Between Blueface And Chrisean Rock Leaves Her With Bald Spot And Busted Up Bathroom Door


Blueface and Chrisean Rock are constantly making headlines with their toxic relationship. The two have been involved in multiple physical altercations. 

The latest incident has left Chrisean Rock nursing a new bald spot and a broken-down bathroom door. Blueface posted a video to his Instagram story on Thursday showing Chrisean Rock’s bald spot. “She tried to run,” he explained. 

Rock asked him not to show his following her latest injury and wondered why he would want to show people what he did to her. According to Rock, the whole thing was over Blueface’s phone. 

“You didn’t even want me to see what was in your phone,” she said.

Blueface’s mother took to her Instagram to refute Chrisean Rock’s account of what happened. Karlissa Safford explained in her Instagram story that the bald spot occurred when Chrisean Rock got jumped by a bunch of girls earlier in the week. 

“Johnathan did not pull her hair out,” she wrote. “Them girls who jumped her did. Y’all going to[sic] far with this fairytale. And those believing this is even more delusional then them. But carry on.”

Chrisean Rock commented on the incident in a series of tweets. “Tht bald spot ain’t shit fr nobody hurt about a patch of hair,” she tweeted.

“Blueface is the best person in the world,” she continued. “I really don’t trust anyone but him.” Elsewhere, she commented to a concerned fan that she was willing to die for Blueface.

The latest scuffle comes after the couple was recorded on Aug. 1 fighting on the streets of Hollywood. After the fight, the “Thotiana” rapper hopped on social media to explain the fight stemmed from Chrisean Rock sleeping with a corrections officer while she was incarcerated. 

Just days after their street fight, the two were seemingly at odds once more after Blueface’s ex-girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, welcomed a newborn baby with the rapper. 

The couple has drawn concern from not only fans and now Chrisean Rock’s family. Her brother is speaking out about his sister’s relationship.

“Chrisean I love you so much and over here hurting bout you,” her older brother wrote. “I don’t say nothing, wasn’t going to until u introduced us in person cause the sh*t he be doin on the internet to you. C’mon Chrisean, I grew up in and out of prison. I [wouldn’t mind] throwing all my freedom away forever for you.”


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