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Kelly Rowland Reacts To Viral Video Of Racist Sesame Place Character [Video]

Kelly Rowland has responded to a viral video of two Black children being snubbed by a character at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. What makes the video so infuriating is that the character was pictured interacting with white children before turning down the two little girls.

The upsetting video was posted to the girls’ mother’s Instagram page and showed a character walking in a parade. As it is walking down the parade route, it can be seen high-fiving several white children and adults before pausing in front of the two Black girls and blatantly telling them no before continuing on. 

Seeing the two little girls reach out for the character, only to be denied, and the look of disappointment on their faces? Heartbreaking.  

The video ends there, but in the caption, the mom explains that after refusing to interact with her daughters, the character hugged a white girl next to them. 

Adding insult to injury, the theme park staff didn’t take her seriously when the woman complained about the incident.

“I asked the lady who the character was, and I wanted to see a supervisor and she told me SHE DIDNT KNOW!” she wrote.! “I will never step foot in @sesameplace ever again!”

The video has understandably received much attention on social media, with the feedback primarily supporting the woman and her daughters.

Kelly Rowland caught wind of the video, and her response is probably what most people are thinking.

“So had that been me, that whole parade would have been in flames. Like, are you serious?!” Rowland says. “You not gonna speak to my child? And then did you see that little baby’s face at the end, the one with the pink on?”

“She deserves an explanation. Hello?!”

While Sesame Place was initially unhelpful, they have reached out to the woman regarding her post, according to an update in her Instagram story on Sunday afternoon. 

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