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Italian Authorities Charge Hollywood Filmmaker Michael Bay With Killing Pigeon On Movie Set, He Denies Doing It


Filmmaker Michael Bay is being accused of pigeon cruelty during the filming of his Netflix film, “6 Underground.”

The 2018 hit film was shot in Rome, Italy, and authorities there have been on Bay’s trail for several years. According to a source who was close to the production, a homing pigeon was accidentally slaughtered by a dolly in the middle of a scene. Another unidentified person on the set witnessed the bird’s murder go down and snapped a photo before reporting the incident to the police. While this might not be a big deal to most, pigeons are a protected species in Italy, making it illegal to harm or kill them.

Despite the alleged evidence against him, Bay says the “paparazzi photo” tells a false narrative. Instead, he maintains that he has several eyewitnesses, video, and safety officers who were present that will clear his name. Bay, a longtime animal lover, is confident that he will be found not guilty when he finally has his time in the courtroom.

Bay was initially offered a deal by Italian police to pay a fine and settle the matter for good. He declined because the settlement would have required the 57-year-old to plead guilty to killing the animal, something he is adamant did not happen.

The Italian authorities declined to comment publicly on the case.


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