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Is Boy George Gay? Did The Singer Had A Sexual Relationship With David Bowie?


George Alan O’Dowd, aka Boy George, famous for his soulful voice, is again the talk of the town. The popular singer, songwriter, DJ, and author has recently opened up about his sexuality. In a popular reality show, he revealed his story and how popular singer David Bowie influenced him. Were Boy George and David Bowie dating each other? Is Boy George gay? Well, there’s much to know about Boy George and his sexuality. Here’s everything you need to keep.

Early Life

Born and raised on June 14, 1961, in Eltham to Jerry O’Dowd and Dinah O’Dowd, Boy George was raised in a working-class Irish Catholic family. He has one older brother, a younger sister, and two younger brothers. Boy George also has an older half-brother, who was a wedlock baby. His mother relocated to London to escape the trauma of her past. Boy George’s family history was terrible, and he compared it to a “sad Irish song.” His maternal grandmother was taken at six and placed in an Industrial School. The British executed Boy George’s great-uncle during the Irish War of Independence. He called his father a terrible father and a terrible husband. His younger brother killed his wife during an episode of paranoia.

Boy George Gay

Boy George Career

Boy George’s androgynous style caught Malcolm McLaren, a music entrepreneur’s attention, and he arranged for him to perform with Bow Wow Wow. However, due to a dispute with the lead singer, Boy Geroge decided to make his band. Jon Moss, Roy Hay, and Mikey Craig later joined the band. They named their band Culture Club. The group recorded several popular songs. In July 1998, the group reunited to perform on their US tour. After the band’s dissolution, Boy George embarked on his solo career journey. He is popular for his excellent vocal skills and tremendous songs. In January 2016, Boy George replaced Tom Jones in the fifth season of The Voice UK. He appeared in several shows and concerts throughout the 2000s. That makes many fans question his net worth as well. So how much is Boy George net worth?

Boy George Gay

Is Boy George Gay?

Boy George’s androgynous appearance led people to come up with several speculations about his sexuality. Is Boy George gay? When Joan Rivers asked him in 1993 about his preference, he said he preferred both men and women. In another interview, he said he was bisexual. But in his 1995 autobiography, Boy George revealed that he is actually gay and not bisexual. It confirms that Boy George is gay. In fact, the singer had a secret relationship with Culture Club drummer Jon Moss and punk rock singer Kirk Brandon.

However, Kirk sued Boy George for claiming he was Boy’s love affair in his autobiography. But Boy George won the case resulting in Kirk paying the book publisher. But he declared himself bankrupt, so Boy paid the money. While Boy George stated that he had several partners, he is currently single. He never married anybody. But recently, he spoke about his friendship with Morrissey and said this human hates him. Although the reason behind this hatred remained unclear, Morrissey called George overbearing.

Boy George Gay

Boy George’s Respect For David Bowie

During “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” Boy George talked about his coming out story. He said he was quizzed extensively during his early career about his sexuality. But revealing Boy George was gay in front of everyone wasn’t the right option. It would quickly lead to a drop in his popularity. However, David Bowie helped him a lot in finding himself. Soon he realized that he wasn’t alone. David was also there and played a massive role model in his life. Do you know Boy George has a tattoo of David Bowie on one of his arms?

What do you think is Boy George had a relationship with David Bowie too? Is he secretly dating someone? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

Boy George Net Worth

Boy George recently took part in the 2022 series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. And for that, the singer is reportedly getting paid more than £800,000 to appear on the show. This will make him the highest-paid celebrity in the show’s history. As for how much Boy George is worth in total, Celebrity Net Worth says the singer is worth £43 million.  


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