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Introducing McChrystal's Hemp Snuff

McChrystal’s have recently released their amazing new hemp snuff!

Their Hemp Snuff is made from finely ground Organic hemp blended with their original flavours from a recipe that has been unchanged for nearly 100 years.

It is a refreshing menthol experience, taken via the nasal cavity.

McChrystal’s Hemp Snuff

Each tin contains 175mg of CBD.

It is available in single tins or boxes of 12 tins.

I reviewed McChrystal’s awesome CBD infused tobacco snuff last year here at THECBDBLOG.CO.UK and was very impressed with my first introduction to tobacco snuff and the novelty of it also being infused with Cannabidiol.

The contrast of the stimulating nature of the nicotine/tobacco and the relaxing, calming effect of the CBD, synergized brilliantly.

So I’m very eager to see how their new Hemp Snuff compares, which is completely free of both nicotine and tobacco.

McChrystal’s new hemp snuff is priced at a very generous £4.40 per single tin and is now available to purchase from their official UK website below.

To purchase McChrystal’s hemp snuff, check out their official UK website at: McChrystal’s Hemp Snuff


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