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Indiana Signs Off On Near-Total Abortion Ban Despite Ongoing Lawsuits

The state of Indiana has decided to move forward with its near-total ban on abortions despite ongoing lawsuits.

Women in Indiana will no longer be able to receive an abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. As of this past Wednesday, it is now a felony in the state to provide abortion services. The only instance in which a woman can receive an abortion is if the woman’s life is in danger, if the fetus was diagnosed with a fatal anomaly, if the woman was raped or if the pregnancy happened due to incest. ABC reports.

While a hearing for an injunction of the ban is scheduled for Sept. 19, a judge has blocked a request to have the ban put on pause until then. There are currently two ongoing lawsuits over abortion rights in the state.

Any provider who is discovered to have given a woman an abortion, their license revoked and could be subjected to six years in prison and fined up to $10,000.

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