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I’m an Incomparable Talent. Baby, THIS, is Keke Palmer”

Keke Palmer is not here for comparisons.

The actress recently responded to chatter surrounding her career after a Twitter user tried to compare her to Zendaya.

The Twitter user wrote, “I’d like someone to do a deep-drive on the similarities and differences between Keke Palmer and Zendaya’s careers.”

“This may be one of the clearest examples of how colorism plays out in Hollywood,” the tweet continued. “They were both child-stars, but their mainstream popularity is very different.”

Palmer shut down the comparison discussions by tweeting, “A great example of colorism is to believe I can be compared to anyone. I’m the youngest talk show host ever. The first Black woman to star in her own show on Nickelodeon, & the youngest & first Black Cinderella on broadway. I’m an incomparable talent. Baby, THIS, is Keke Palmer,” she tweeted.

“I’ve been a leading lady since I was 11 years old. I have over 100+ credits, and currently starring in an original screenplay that’s the number one film at the box office #NOPE. I’ve had a blessed career thus far, I couldn’t ask for more but God continues to surprise me.”

The tweets come following the release of Jordan Peele’s new movie release “Nope”, in which KP has a starring role. Some argue that this is her big break-out moment despite the fact she’s been in the industry since childhood and played in many films.

And many wanted to say that the recent topic is not an attack on Zenyada but more so an example of colorism. Mind you, Zenyada has also weighed in on the issue in the past.

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