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Flavor Flav recently revealed that in the past he spent up to $2,600 a day on drugs. After receiving a lot of feedback on this revelation, he responded on Twitter Tuesday, saying his hope was to make sure fans don’t make his same past mistakes.

“Ya boy is always honest with who he was,,, and my sobriety has been a journey,,, but I’m here takin accountability And tryin to make sure y’all don’t make the same mistakes I did,” he posted on Twitter.

He continued, “The point of my story is to share that if I can get clean,,, anyone can get clean,,, I am real proud of me being clean today….”

“Society wants us to change,,, but offers no peace when reparations are made. The tear downs, salacious headlines, and cancel culture doesn’t make anyone better than the other. We all need to do better as humans,,, because the end of the day there aint no race but the human race.”

Flav celebrated two years of sobriety in October. Last week he appeared on the Off the Record with DJ Akademiks podcast and said during the peak of his addiction, he “never really let people know exactly.”

“There was a time that I was spending $2,400 to $2,600 a day… for six years straight, you do the math,” he said. “That’s how much I spent on drugs.”

He also admitted to dealing and dipping into his own supply. “I ain’t gonna lie, I sold a lot. But I was my best customer … I had a lot of money at the time too, I was just doing the wrong things with my money,” Flav recalled.

Although he was spending nearly $1 million a year on drugs, the Public Enemy member said he “maintained” himself “very well” while using and “kept it hidden too.”

He started his journey to recovery in 2020 and gave glory to God. “I guess God wanted me to live. And he knows that I’m a mouthpiece to the world,” he said. “So, I feel that God let me live through that, so that way, I could teach people about the mistakes that I made. And hopefully, they won’t make them later on in life.”


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