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Idaho Police Arrests 31 Members Of The White Supremacy Group, Patriot Front, For Planning To Riot At A Pride Event

Cops arrested 31 hate group members who planned to riot at a Pride event.

On Saturday, Idaho authorities successfully ended what could’ve been a Charlottesville repeat. Nearly three dozen members of the Patriot Front white supremacist group were found packed in the back of a U-Haul truck. If you’re not aware, Patriot Front was responsible for the deadly Charlottesville protest in 2017.

Police believe the men inside the truck were plotting to disrupt the nearby Pride event. Many of the men wore white supremacy symbols, face coverings, and shirts that said: “reclaim America.”

Police were tipped off about the group when someone spotted them loading up the truck at a hotel. Approximately ten minutes later, heavily armed officers pulled over the truck and arrested the group without incident.

According to officials, the group had riot gear inside the vehicle, such as, shields and smoke grenades.

Patriot Front’s leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau was placed into custody for criminal conspiracy to riot. He, along with the other members, were held on a $300 bail.

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