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Audio recordings of Andrew Tate bragging about raping a woman has been leaked.

While Andrew and his brother Tristian Tate are currently behind bars in a Romanian prison, audio recordings of Andrew admitting to rape has been released.

The audio allegedly came from some messages Andrew sent to a woman he met in the UK in 2013. In the audio, Andrew is heard bragging to the woman about raping her. He also told the woman “the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it” and called himself “one of the most dangerous men on the planet.”

In addition, the recordings were attached to a handful of text messages with one reading “I love raping you.”

The woman previously accused Andrew of rape but was not believed. However in 2019, the case was looked into but authorities still believed there was a hint of doubt and conviction could not pursued.

In 2022, the Tate brothers rose to fame for their misogynistic ideals on women. Last month, the brothers were arrested for human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. Andrew and Tristian have reportedly been under investigation since spring 2022. Just earlier this week, the court ordered Andrew and Tristian to remain in prison for another 30 days as the investigation continues.


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