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“I Love For A Woman To Piss In My Mouth. I Think It’s Beautiful” [Video]


Kevin Gates is back at it again with talk of his interesting sexual acts.

The Louisiana rapper recently appeared on the ‘Fancy Talk Show,’ where he revealed another intimate act that he enjoys. The interviewer asked Kevin how he felt about peeing in a woman’s mouth and kissing afterward. Kevin responded and said he had never experienced it but did admit to enjoying women peeing in his mouth.

“I love for a woman to piss in my mouth. That’s beautiful,” Kevin said. “I done had a woman pee in a cup while we were driving and I drunk it.”

He further explained the situation saying, “I was so infatuated with this woman to where it was just nothing about her that was nasty. And then she’s super clean. She’s like me. She drinks nothing but water all day, so her piss ain’t got no taste.”

As wild as Kevin’s statement was, it doesn’t surprise many, seeing that he previously admitted to enjoying performing analingus on his partners. He made the confirmation almost ten years ago in an interview with Revolt TV,

“Yeah, I eat booty. Real n*ggas eat booty. Real n*ggas please their b*tches,”Kevin said in a clip at the time. “I thought I was gonna be bashed for it, but they’re were some many brothers that were like in support of that.”


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