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Chrisean Rock is clearing the air on why she hit a stylist on the red carpet for the Baddies West premiere this past weekend.

During a recent interview with YouTuber RITZ With The Tea, Chrisean insisted that she wasn’t fighting, but she did slap someone at the premiere on the red carpet.

She said, “I got security.  I can punch a b*tch one time.”

According to Chrisean, the girl approached her and asked if she remembered her multiple times.

Chrisean said, “Ohhh, it’s not the good remember you.” she said, “You never seen the videos of me slapping people who talk crazy to me.”

Moving forward, Chrisean claims she doesn’t plan on going out anymore because people have been playing with her more ever since she announced her pregnancy.

“I’m done wylin out.  I have to stay away from that.”




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