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DJ Paul addresses critics who had something to say about him not attending Gangsta Boo’s funeral.

On Sunday, the Three 6 Mafia co-founder responded to “complainer” and gave an explanation on why he didn’t attend Boo’s funeral. Despite being neither one of her services, Paul says he did contribute to her homegoing.

“Lemme explain something to y’all b*tch a** n*ggas out there who got something to say about me not coming to Boo funeral,” Paul says. “N*gg, I paid for the funeral, h*e! I’m on muthaf*ckin’ tour and even if I wasn’t, I don’t do funerals, n*gga. The last time I was at a funeral, it wasn’t nothing but a bunch of groupie a** muthaf*ckin’ n*ggas up in that muthf*cka.”

He went on to say how he’s the reason why everyone knows Boo since he was the person who discovered her.

“Cuz it wouldn’t be nothin but about four or five muthaf*ckas in there if it wasn’t for who I created. N*gga , what I created,” Paul added. “The teenage girl I found. N-gga, I’m the one that wrote ‘Where Dem Dollas At’ hook, n*gga. I’m the one who was writing and producing that sh*t. Yeah she did her verses, she did some hooks. Juicy J was doing beats, he was doing hooks. But I discovered her, n*gga! I went to school with her, she went to school with me.”

Paul ended his rant with mentioning the reason why Boo’s casket was a low frill coffin was because her mother decided to have her body cremated.

Gangsta Boo passed away on New Year’s Day after being found dead around 4:00 pm in her Memphis hometown. The cause of death has not been revealed yet but police confirmed there’s want any signs of foul play.


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