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How to Travel with Pets Aboard Queen Mary 2 Kennels

CunarWhat if your employer wants you to relocate to London. Or you’re lucky enough to spend a summer vacation in the pastoral English countryside.

An apartment in Paris with your poodle? It would be wonderful to visit your relatives in England or America without the need to board your pet at home.  

There’s only one cruise ship in the world that has dog and cat kennels.  Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2 has been transporting dogs and cats pampered in style across the Atlantic for decades.

Randy and Oliver Kennel Masters on Queen Mary 2

Cruise with Your Cat or Dog using Queen Mary 2 Kennels

Transatlantic crossings are the only time you can reserve a Queen Mary 2 kennel.

You can cruise with your pet on either an eastbound or westbound transatlantic cruise between New York City and Southampton, England. 

Cunard doesn’t allow back-to-back cruises.  However, you could disembark in Southampton, stay a few days or weeks and then return to New York.  

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Why Queen Mary 2 Kennels Are So Special

Remember, Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is the only ship in the world that permits pets to cruise with their owners between the two countries. 

The only option to cruise with your dog on other cruise lines would be if it is a bona fide service animal.  

All you need to do is to book your personal Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing.  Then if space is available, book the kennel for your pet.  There’s paperwork to complete, too.

Out for a stroll at sunset.
Out for a stroll at sunset.

How Will My Dog or Cat Be Treated in the Kennel?

People aren’t the only creatures that receive Cunard’s legendary White Glove Service.  In charge of the Queen Mary 2 kennels is the Kennel Master and assistant. 

They will pamper, feed and exercises the dogs outside on their own deck space.   Cats are tended to as well.  

If that’s not enough, each canine or feline also receives a special welcome aboard gift.

Oliver and John, Kennel Masters, aboard Queen Mary 2
John and Oliver Kennel Masters. Oliver (on the right) has been Kennel Master aboard Queen Mary 2 for several years.

Following the Queen Mary 2 remastering in 2018, there are now a total of 24 kennels; 12 upper and 12 lower.  Larger dogs may reserve two kennels.  Two lower kennels combine to accommodate bigger breeds.  

queen mary 2 upper and lower kennels

Cats are required to be on the upper level with two kennels, one for the litter box and one for the living area.

two cats yawning in a Queen Mary 2 kennel
These two cats have two kennels, one for living space and one for their litter box.

What are the Requirements to Travel with Pets? 

For many years, England required a six-month quarantine, despite proof of vaccination. Now it’s easy to cross the Atlantic with your dog and the Queen Mary 2 kennels. 

There is a stack of paperwork to complete prior to boarding, no matter which direction you will cruise.

Watch as Kennel Master Oliver leads the dog parade on deck.  It was extremely windy!

Eastbound crossings from New York to Southampton:

  • Microchips are required for every pet
  • Had a rabies vaccine 21 days or more before the cruise
  • Issued with an official Veterinary Certificate within 10 days of the cruise
  • Dogs must be treated against heartworm, 1-5 days prior to boarding

Westbound crossings from Southampton to New York:

  • Issued a current Health Certificate within 30 days before entry into New York
  • Rabies vaccine – check for the most recent update from the United States CDC

Note:  If pet owners have an EU pet passport, the passport cannot be updated by a US or Canadian vet. A U.K. or EU veterinarian is the only person who can update a pet passport.

Clearly, it’s easier to bring your pet into the United States than into England.  Today, the British quarantine period has been removed, provided the owner has fulfilled all of the requirements for cats or dogs.

Cunard certificate to commemorate the dog's transatlantic crossing!
Every dog gets a certificate to commemorate their transatlantic crossing!  By coincidence, that’s my dog’s name!

How to Reserve a Queen Mary 2 Kennel

It’s important for you to reserve your Queen Mary 2 kennel as soon as possible. You can reserve a kennel up to two years before the sailing.

If you request a particular sailing date and the kennels are already reserved, ask to be put on a waitlist.

People tend to reserve the kennels way ahead of time in the hopes of taking their cruise.

Plans change and people cancel their reservation so there’s a chance you’ll get a kennel.

Queen Mary 2 Dogs Group Photo
There’s always the famous group photo, too.

Is There Visitation Time During the Cruise? 

Of course! Guest staterooms or public areas are off-limits to pets.  Service dogs are the only exception. 

Owners may visit their pets at the kennels during the scheduled times every day of the voyage.

Queen Mary 2 Kennel refreshment area for dog and cat owners.
Doggy and people treats available.

In addition to the outdoor, off-leash doggie area, there is also an indoor play space where the dogs can romp around off-leash, too, should inclement weather prevail.

Visiting hours have changed since the pandemic.  They now are:

  • 8:00am to 12:00pm
  • 3:00pm to 6:00pm
  • 7:30pm to 8:30pm
  • *Guests should check onboard for specific hours
Queen Mary 2 Kennel Lounge
Remodeled lounge on Deck 12 for dog owners, adjacent to the kennels.

How Much Does a Queen Mary 2 Kennel Cost?

If you’re wondering how much Queen Mary 2 kennels cost, it isn’t cheap.  But it’s worth the cost to transport your beloved pet and know they are well cared for onboard.

  • Upper kennel $800.00 each – Dimensions: 27″ high, 35 1/2″ deep, 30″ wide.
  • Lower kennel $1,000.00 each – 36″ high, 35 1/2″ deep, 30″ wide.

Prices Updated:  July 2022.

Queen Mary 2 Kennel room
The 24 new kennels.

Queen Mary 2 Kennel Rules 

  • Only dogs and cats and ferrets are allowed.
  • There is no veterinarian onboard.
  • Dogs may be walked onto the ship or in a kennel.
  • Cats must be brought onboard in a kennel.
  • Pets in the upper kennels must weight 26 lbs. or less
  • Lower kennels occupants are 26 lbs. and more

It’s easy to arrange for you to travel with your pet between England and the United States.

Kennel Master Oliver shows the special coat each dogs receives.
Kennel Master Oliver shows off the doggy coat for each “guest.”

It’s extremely important to follow Cunard’s instructions exactly as stated or your pet may not be allowed to even board the ship.

Prices may change over time so consult Cunard for the most up-to-date kennel prices.

Why stress out your pet (and you!) when Fido or Fluffy can travel aboard the Queen Mary 2 and be a four-legged, pampered passenger for a week.

You can email Cunard about Queen Mary 2 dog kennels at:  [email protected]

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