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How to Get to Rome From Civitavecchia Cruise Port

Cruising into Rome? Here’s what you need to know for a painless transition to Rome from the cruise port.

how to go to Rome from Civitavecchia cruise port

How to go to Rome from Civitavecchia cruise port can be a challenge.  There aren’t many options.  Whether fresh from a transatlantic crossing or a western Mediterranean cruise, you need to know how to get to Rome.

Least favorite way to get to Rome from the cruise port

First, you need a shuttle to get out of the cruise port area.  Hail a taxi, load your luggage and take the taxi to the train station.  You can buy your train ticket to Roma Termini at the station.  Quickly load everything onto the train, and keep an eye on your belongings.

From Civitavecchia,  you’ll arrive into  Rome Termini station within an hour.  From there, you’ll need a taxi to your hotel. If you’ve never been to Termini, this is not the option I’d recommend. But if you do, the taxi rank is directly outside the front glass doors.  Be prepared for a long line, but it quickly moves.

If money is an issue, this is the cheapest but not the easiest way to get to Rome.

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Next least favorite

Buy your ship’s shore excursion into Rome.  You’ll be dropped off at a central, local piazza where there are supposed to be taxis waiting in a rank. You will then queue and wait in the taxi rank and along with all your luggage, drive to your hotel.  Rain or shine.  August heat or winter’s wind.  Definitely do-able but still not easy.

My first choice to go to Rome…

The BEST option, and the one I always choose, is to arrange for a driver to meet me at the ship. It’s not cheap, but if I put a price tag on a convenient, safe, headache-free and stressless way to make your entrance into Rome, it’s worth it.  

Rustle up others passengers on your cruise to share the limousine or van with you.  The 130 euro fee is suddenly a bargain if you share the ride.  

This time, I arranged a ride with Stefano Rome Tours – a family-owned limousine and tour company based in Rome.

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Stefano Rome Tours from Civitavecchia to Rome
With my Stefano Rome Tours driver, Michelle.

I thought I’d try a new company Stefano Rome Tours. To my surprise, there was a female driver. Michelle was holding the sign with my name clearly printed in block letters.  Luggage claimed, she wheeled and loaded my bags into her car.  Seat belts buckled, we headed into the Eternal City.  

Within 50 minutes we were at the top of the Spanish Steps where I’d spend four days at my friend’s villa.  Yes, to go solo in a private car is expensive.  But when you consider the alternative options, it’s worth saving up to do.

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My annual European journey was about to begin.

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