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Higher Potencies In Weed Are Leading To Rise In Marijuana Addictions

A new review of studies shows high potency of weed is increasing the number of marijuana addicts. 

On Monday, a study that was published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry showed higher concentrations of THC found in modern-day marijuana is leading a rise in weed addictions around the world, CNN Health reports per the study.

Those who consume or smoke higher than five to 10 milligrams per gram of THC are more likely to experience addiction and mental health issues at some point, the study says. Per the study, about 3 in 10 marijuana users have cannabis use disorder. 

“One of the highest quality studies included in our publication found that use of high potency cannabis, compared to low potency cannabis, was linked to a four-fold increased risk of addiction,” said one of the study authors, Tom Freeman, a senior lecturer in the department of psychology and director of the addiction and mental health group at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. 

On top of more marijuana addictions, “a report by the United Nations found that in the past two decades, the proportion of people seeking treatment for cannabis addiction has risen in all world regions apart from Africa.”

Freeman added that each year, marijuana potency has continued to rise. 

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