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Google Maps Introducing New Feature That Allows You To Check Out the “Vibe” of a Neighborhood

Google Maps will now show its users the energy of the environment they’re in with a new “vibe check” feature. 

In an effort to give users the ability to “experience a place as if you’re there,” Google has rolled out a new “neighborhood vibe” feature that provides a visual photorealistic aerial view of an area they’d like to travel to. Some of the details a user can see are how busy an area is, the local temperature and traffic levels. 

It can even tell you if there’s a great food scene for a user’s destination or help you find good parking. The feature currently shows the vibes for more than 250 global landmark areas, PC Mag reports. 

“We’re building a visual-first Maps experience that helps everyone explore and navigate the world more naturally—while getting there more sustainably,” says Chris Phillips, VP and general manager for Google Maps. He added that the feature allows people to make an informed decision on how to spend your time.”

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