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Girl Chews Her Way Out Of Restraints After Being Held Captive By Mother’s Live-In Boyfriend

An abducted child chewed her way out of restraints and escaped a mobile home where she was being stored with the lifeless bodies of her mother and brother.

According to authorities in Alabama, a man named José Paulino Pascual-Reyes, 37, held a 12-year-old girl captive for a week in a mobile home while she was restrained next to the decomposing, dismembered bodies of her brother and mother. Pascual-Reyes is reportedly the live-in boyfriend of the child’s mother, CBS News reports.

“They were boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett, CBS News reports. “They were actually living there all together.”

Pascual-Reyes took the girl captive on July 24, and while being held hostage, the girl began gnawing at the restraints that had her tied down to a bed. Eventually, she was able to break free, and a passerby found her as she was walking down a country road. The girl then detailed the entire ordeal and provided police with information that led to Pascual-Reyes’ arrest.

At the time, Pascual-Reyes was working at a construction site about 20 miles away from the mobile home. While holding the girl hostage, Pascual-Reyes also reportedly assaulted her and force-fed her alcohol. CBS News reports Pascual-Reyes was in the country after reentering the country after being deported. He’s been charged with kidnapping and several counts of capital murder.

Jose Paulino Pascual-Reyes - TALLAPOOSA COUNTY JAIL
José Paulino Pascual-Reyes – TALLAPOOSA COUNTY JAIL

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