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Georgia Couple Facing Felony Charges For Allegedly Sexually Abusing Their Adopted Sons And Soliciting Them To Other Men Online


A Georgia couple is facing felony charges for allegedly sexually abusing their adopted sons.

On July 27th, Zachary and William Zulock were arrested for using their children to produce “homemade” child pornography. The Zulock’s were taken into custody following a raid at their home in Oxford, Georgia. Authorities found videos showing the couple “engaging in sexually abusive acts” with the children.

According to legal documents, the two adopted boys were in third and fourth grade during the time of the sexual abuse. The indictment claims that the boys were anally raped by the Zulock’s, which caused the older sibling to suffer an injury. They were also forced to perform oral sex on the couple.

In an affidavit, William Zulock admitted to forcing one of the boys to “perform an act of sodomy – oral capitulation” with the “intent to satisfy his own..sexual desire.” In another affidavit, Zachary Zulock told police he recorded his husband engaging in sexual acts with the boys. He also states that the footage from the “routine” encounters was sent to “less than a dozen people.”

The men are also accused of soliciting other men online to “perform an act of prostitution” on one of their sons. 27-year-old Hunter Clay Lawless says Zachary would send him explicit messages about having sexual intercourse with his sons. He even added that Zachary attempted to recruit him into joining on the abuse. However, Lawless said he declined the offer.

In addition, authorities found a folder titled “US” on Zachary’s phone that contained videos of William participating in sexual abuse on one of the children.

The Zulock’s are facing felony sexual exploitation of children, aggravated child molestation, felony prostitution of a minor, aggravated sodomy, and incest charges. If convicted, the men could receive nine life sentences for the charges.


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