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Geico’s $5.2 Million Payout To A Woman Claiming To Have Contracted HPV In A Car Insured By The Company Has Been Overturned


Missouri Supreme Court overturns Geico’s $5.2 million payout to a woman who allegedly contracted HPV in a car.

Earlier this week, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s ruling that initially sided with the woman. According to court documents, the woman identified as “M.O.,” had sex with a man inside his car that was insured by Geico.

The woman claims she contracted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) during the interaction and says he did not tell her he had the disease. M.O. added that the incident left her with “past and future medical expenses.”

In 2021, M.O. contacted Geico to notify them of her plans to seek a $1 million settlement from the man. She argued that the company is responsible for providing financial coverage for her injuries and losses.

The insurance company rejected the settlement because the woman contracted an STD that didn’t happen because of the car. Later on, an arbitrator determined M.O. should’ve been awarded $5.2 million in damages, which was suppose to be paid by the company.

Geico attempted to intervene on the decision but was denied by an appeals court. However, the state’s Supreme Court found Geico should’ve been permitted to intervene in the case. Since the company wasn’t allotted the opportunity, the Supreme Court judges vacated the decision and sent the lawsuit back to a lower court.


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