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Ford has unveiled a stunning concept car, introducing the world to its future in luxury automobiles.

On Thursday, the vehicle known as the Lincoln Model L100 debuted as part of Lincoln’s 100th-anniversary celebration at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California. During the opulent auto extravaganza, Ford Motor, the parent company of Lincoln, took the opportunity to highlight their vision for what an all-electric, self-driven, high-end model of their classic Lincoln could look like.

The sleek chrome concept offers 360-degree glass around the upper part of the vehicle. Illuminated Lincoln badging takes the place of physical emblems. The doors and roof open outward from the back, revealing loungelike seats with modules for smoothly changing configurations. A sizable screen for the control center allows for easy navigation, music switching, and other functions.

The Lincoln Model L100 will not be mass produced nor sold to consumers. However, Ford is looking to garner interest in their forthcoming endeavors as they work to introduce a new line of posh models. Despite being only a concept, the Model L100 pays homage to the 1922 Model L, Lincoln’s first luxury vehicle ever developed.

Revamping their idea of elitism is high on Lincoln’s list of priorities. Though the cars were a top seller in the 90s, competitors, crossovers, and upgraded designs have slowed their popularity drastically.


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