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First Chipotle Chain to Unionize in Maine

A Chipotle chain may be the recent restaurant in unionizing news, in addition to Starbucks. The worker’s group, Chipotle United, is the latest group to petition a federal labor board for a union election. It has become the first U.S. Chipotle to do so.

A spokesman, Andy O’ Brien, says that the workers filed their petition last week. Organizers have worked to gather unions at other places like Starbucks, Amazon, and outdoor retailers. Since Starbucks has seen 280 stores unionize since August 2021.

The unionizing came full circle when Maine Chipotle workers walked out of the franchise due to unsafe working conditions.

Chipotle Chief Corporate Affairs responded to the walkout, “We respect our employees’ rights under the National Labor Relations Act and are committed to ensuring a fair, just, and humane work environment that provides opportunities for all.”

Apparently, right after the walkout, the company sent more staff and new leadership to the restaurant. The company did not respond if they would challenge the new election petition for unionizing.

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