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Family Dog Killed By Hunters, Family May File Lawsuit Against Parties Involved


A Philadelphia family lost its beloved dog after being shot by hunters who thought it was a coyote.

Chris Heller, the dog’s owner, was out in the woods with the 8-year-old malamute, Hunter. Heller’s wife, Jennifer, said her husband had put a reflective collar and harness on the dog before walking the dog to a “very commonly used walking path” near their house” in Berks County, PA.

The husband took Hunter off the leash to let him roam but stayed close by. At some point, they came across a group of hunters. He went to put the dog back on the leash, but it was too late.

Heller yelled for help, and they loaded Hunter in a truck and drove quickly to the vet, but the dog died before they got there.

Jennifer wants authorities to revoke the shooter’s hunting privileges, TMZ reported.

However, Northern Berks Regional Police Chief James Keiser told the outlet that the dog wasn’t under the owner’s control and was shot by hunters who mistook it for a coyote. Apparently, the chief says the dog shouldn’t have been off the leash and that no arrests or charges have been filed.

A rep for the Game Commission added that the hunters were in full compliance with PA hunting laws and said the dog was shot by mistake.

The Hellers have started a GoFundMe to raise money to hire an attorney to go after the parties they say swept the incident under the rug.


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