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The Baller Alert Show podcast is back at it again with a brand new episode! On episode 183, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy joins the crew to talk about working, his mother, and so much more.

The cast started the show with its usual segment, In Case You Missed It. Rihanna’s Super Bowl announcement became the first topic of discussion.

“Let me tell you how people tried to throw dirt on it; people were like, ‘oh, Rihanna said she was taking a knee with Colin Kaepernick, and now she’s doing the Super Bowl halftime show,” said Su Solo.

The cast discussed if celebrities should take the job of doing the Super Bowl. Lil Scrappy shared his line-up if he was to perform at the Super Bowl.

Megan Thee Stallion has started a website where she gives help to “Bad Bitches” who are having bad days. The website is called “Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too.”

 “I appreciate that. We all have mental issues. Those who don’t go out and get the help, I don’t know how you living,” said Lil Scrappy.

 The cast discussed Love & Hip Hop and the effects it has on its cast.

 “This what Love & Hip Hop is man, because I hate when people say it’s fake because I done went through so much and lost so much. People start looking at me in different lights and you can’t control that when it’s real life going on and it’s happening on national TV. Ain’t nobody trying to be arguing and doing all of that for fake,” said Scrappy.

 He shared that the money makes it worth it.

 In the light of taking care of family, the cast talked about Soulja Boy and Teddy Riley’s daughter’s relationship. Teddy Riley shared that Soulja Boy gave him an apology, but he’s looking for an apology for what he’s done to his daughter.

 “I feel like because he got an apology, he’s like, ‘You might as well give my daughter one,’” said Su Solo.

 The cast jumped into Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy’s mother. “Does your mother go to therapy?” said OCT. “Because She don’t let nothing go,” said Su Solo.

 Lil Scrappy explained that his mother has her own issues and also drinks a lot.


Clout chasing Or Keeping It Real

 Su Solo asked the cast if it’s clout chasing for DaBaby to mention having sex with Megan Thee Stallion in his new song. 

 “I don’t think it’s clout chasing if they actually had an issue,” said Lil Scrappy. He continued saying, “Cuz probably liked shorty.”


Love VS. Money

 On this episode of Love VS. Money, the cast discussed Erica and Safaree. “That’s a weird one,” said Scrappy. “I done seen them both say they love each other and I done seen them both say they hate each other,” said Scrappy.

 Su Solo shared that the cameras and business have played a role in their relationship.

 BT shared that he also thinks it’s all business.


Baller Mail

 “Dear Baller Alert,

When me and my man first got together he would always take me out on lavish dates and shopping sprees because he said a woman should always be sexy. Fast forward, we done moved in together, his money is looking a little funny and I don’t like that. So I went and got a man who does everything that he used to do. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend number two, but he always sends me money and shows me a good time when we do link up. I was getting away with it at first, but now my man is starting to ask where I’m getting my clothes from or how I am always coming home with leftovers from the restaurants we go to. I don’t even know why he asks about the food because he always eats it anyway. I’m at the point where I want them both. I want two boyfriends. How do I keep them both?”

 “Since men do it, I think it’s only right that women should do it anyway. She is not married to either one of them,” said Scrappy.

 Su Solo stated that poly relationships exist and that she’s interested. “It’s real life and most people do it in secrecy,” said Su Solo. She included, “Do you sis and let them make a choice.”

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