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Ed Helms uncovers historic screwups in new podcast ‘SNAFU’


“The Office” star Ed Helms is entering the podcast world with a look at history’s biggest screwups.

“I’ve always been into history, my dad has always been passionate about history and we always had a lot of cool, weird dusty books around,” he explained to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “I’ve just always been drawn to it.”

This particular podcast is more recent history, Cold War, and it’s just a fascinating wild story,” he exclaimed about the content.

The episode he was talking about was the Able Archer Crisis in 1983, which almost led to a nuclear war during President Reagan’s first term. However, many Americans weren’t aware of this until much later.

Season 1 of “SNAFU” is available now wherever you listen to podcasts.


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