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Dillard’s Employee Loses Job After Using Racial Slur [Video]


A Dallas, Texas, Dillard’s department store employee lost his job after hurling a racial slur at a Black father in front of his 10-year-old son. 

I give a lot of credit to the man, who set an excellent example for his son by explaining to the employee, identified as Homer, just how hurtful what he said was. The man’s cousin captured the interaction on video and posted it on Instagram. 

“My 10-year-old son heard you call me ‘a fucking n*gger,’” the father told Homer. “I want you to know this is unacceptable.”

According to the caption, the man asked Homer where the fitting rooms were located, and he called the shopper a racial slur in front of his son. That’s when she pulled out her camera and started recording. 

In the video, Homer, dressed in a button-down shirt, tie, and slacks, is leaning against the counter, intently listening to the man’s lecture. The man explains that he’s too old to act the way he is, and his behavior is unacceptable. 

The employee tries several times to defend his actions, at first saying that he didn’t realize the boy was with his father, that he’s worked for the company for over 20 years, and that he hit his knee. Of course, the Black man lets him know that none of those reasons justify his actions. 

“But you disrespected me… and my family,” the father says, gesturing towards his child. “But I would never do that to your family or even you,” he tells Homer. “…I would never treat anybody that way. But I want you to know, man to man, that shit’s not cool. Treat human beings with respect, and morals, and values.”

He capped the conversation by explaining to Homer that he would now have to have a conversation with his son about the employee’s lack of respect “for [his] kind, or any human being.”

According to the Instagram caption, the father asked to speak to a manager and was told that one wouldn’t be available until Tuesday. 

Check out the interaction below.


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