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DDG’s Gun Possession Case Gets Dropped Due To California Gun Laws [Video]

It looks like DDG is avoiding jail time in his recent gun possession case.

The rapper is celebrating his victory and is no longer in legal trouble for possessing a weapon. TMZ recently spoke to DDG’s manager, Dimitri Hurt, who says DDG got off thanks to California gun laws.

DDG made a video expressing his excitement about the case being dropped.

“My case has been dismissed and rejected,” he says. “I don’t got a felony, and I don’t got a misdemeanor. Shout out, Dimitri. 1-0 in the ring and 1-0 in the courtroom. That’s just how it go. So for all you n*ggas who was on live, tweeting saying, ‘Yes, he locked up.’ Suck my balls.”

We’ve previously reported that the LAPD pulled DDG over on June 7 for allegedly speeding and swerving. At the time of the stop, DDG admitted to having a firearm in the vehicle.

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