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Darius McCrary Files New Restraining Order Against Ex-Girlfriend, Fears She Will Eventually Kill Him


“Family Matters” star Darius McCrary is fearful that he will end up dead if the courts do not intervene against his crazed ex-girlfriend.

The 46-year-old says the woman is “terrorizing” him on a daily basis. Back in August, she allegedly broke into his car and tried to beat him with a lead pipe. That same month, he requested a restraining order against her, but it was denied after he failed to show up in court. He has since filed new court documents stating that he was “displaced” at the time of the original order, which is why he did not show up to the hearing.

McCrary says his ex has taken his possessions and hidden them in a storage unit. In December, she threatened to kidnap his dog if he failed to give her money. The woman has also slandered the actor’s name among “several professional circles,” which has caused him to miss out on work. Part of this may be due to her alleged drug use. After a brief stint in rehab overseas, she returned, and the threats resumed.

The most damning point made in the newly filed restraining order is the insinuation that his ex is capable of murder. McCrary stated that he is fearful of ending up like comedian Phil Hartman. The adored “Saturday Night Live” star was shot and killed by his wife, Brynn Omdahl, in May 1998 before killing herself. Omdahl had a crippling cocaine addiction and committed the murder during a drug binge.

The woman has not come forward publicly to clear her name, and the restraining order is pending.


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