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Cost of Chicken Wings Have Finally Dropped to Pre-Pandemic Prices [Video]


Chicken wing prices have fallen to new lows, but experts say it won’t be for long.

Prices for chicken wings have decreased to levels not seen since 2018, following months of price increases brought on by inflation and the global supply problems that have affected the majority of food items. Labor shortages at chicken processing plants also contributed to the shortage in chicken, which in turn drove the costs upwards by the time the scarce meat hit grocery stores.

The average wholesale price of chicken wings dipped to about $1.68 in July. While this is excellent news for chicken lovers of the world, Fabio Sandri, CEO of the poultry processing company Pilgrim’s Pride, says the decreased prices won’t last long.

“We expect also the wings to start rising now coming the football and the basketball season,” Sandri stated, explaining that the dip is only due to a temporary slow down in demand. Over the past year, many restaurants were forced to remove chicken wings from their menus due to sharp price increases. Consumers stopped purchasing wings due to the price, leaving more and more chicken on the shelves.

With chicken wings being a staple at sports parties nationwide, the prices are sure to surge when football season kicks off on September 8th. Therefore, you may want to add them to your grocery list in the upcoming days if you want to secure a good bargain.


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