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CJ So Cool Pleads With Parents To “Raise Your Kids Better” After 3 Juveniles Arrested For His Home Invasion [Video]


The famed Youtuber told his fans that he’d been shot four times on January 12th when gunmen stormed his home shortly after 3:00 a.m. Authorities believe the house in the luxe Las Vegas community of MacDonald Highlands was targeted. However, CJ, whose real name is Cordero James, confirmed he didn’t know the individuals who attacked him.

Shortly after the shooting, CJ, who is known for social media pranks, made sure his followers knew this was no laughing matter.

“I just want everybody watching to know this is not fake. This was not staged. I don’t wish this on anybody,” he shared while in the hospital.

On Thursday, January 26th, police announced the arrest of 28-year-old Raven Queen and 26-year-old Derrick Roberts, along with three juveniles whose names were not released. All of them were charged with battery with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, robbery, and home invasion. 

CJ So Cool Pleads With Parents To "Raise Your Kids Better" After 3 Juveniles Arrested For His Home Invasion
Henderson Police Department

After the arrests, CJ shared the news in a Youtube video, addressing the people who shot him as well as the parents whose youngsters may be headed down the wrong path. 

“Try to raise your kids better. I know it’s hard out here,” he said. “Running up in somebody’s house with masks, vests, and guns isn’t always the best answer. It doesn’t always lead to the best outcome.” 


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