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Cinnabon Introduces its First Non-Cinnamon Treat, Chocolate BonBites

There may be something noticeably missing from Cinnabon’s latest cinnamon rolls…the lack of cinnamon, actually. Cinnabon’s recent menu item is all about chocolate.

Though the chocolate rolls exist internationally, this is the first time Cinnabon brings tasty Chocolate BonBites to the United States. Now and until September, you can get your hands on the treat that features the company’s iconic dough, which is topped with the delicious classic cream cheese.

The rolls come in a four-count and a 16-pack with prices starting at $4.79. A spokesperson says the chocolate item was a long time in the making after 35 years. The chocolate-centric product is something customers could expect for a while.

“It’s something familiar to our guests, where we have our legendary dough and what we do really well. Now we’re adding that chocolate twist to it.” Tracey Young, Cinnabon’s chief brand officer, said. “We’re really excited about bringing — after 35 years — a chocolate product to our lineup.”

“When people come to us, they tend to be wanting to get that indulgent thing we’re known for,” Young said, nodding to cinnamon. “Now that as chocolate has become a little bit more relevant and forward with our guests, this is the best opportunity to introduce a limited-time offering.”

The new chocolate gooey roll brings a flavor that already existed on the menu to a new light. The Cookie BonBites combines cookies and Cinnabon rolls.

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