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Chris Rock Called Out By Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Over ‘Distasteful’ Murder Joke

Nicole Brown Simpson‘s sister is calling out Chris Rock over a joke about her late sister’s murder.

Another joke made by Chris Rock is making headlines once again. This time, the response is coming from Tanya Brown, Nicole Simpson’s younger sister. During his standup comedy show in Phoenix this past Sunday, Rock shared with the audience that he was asked to host next Academy Awards following his incident with Will Smith.

He then compared him returning to host the Oscars to what it would be like if slain Nicole Brown Simpson went back to the restaurant where she ate before she was murdered. Offended by Rock’s humor, Tanya reportedly shared with TMZ that she felt the comedian’s comments were “distasteful,” saying the comparison between getting slapped and being murdered is “apples to oranges,” TMZ reports.

The backlash didn’t finish with Tanya. People online began to chime in as well. “The more Chris Rock talks, the more you begin to see why Will Smith smacked fire outta him,” said one Twitter user.

“I don’t support violence but after seeing Chris Rock comparing himself to Nicole Simpson who was brutally murdered by her psycho ex husband he can really go f*ck himself. Also saw him justifying what OJ did to her in standup. Zero sympathy for that dumbass,” said another Twitter user.

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