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Chicago Ranked As The Second-Best City In The World On New List

Chicago has been ranked the second best city in the world as part of a new list.

This isn’t something you’d have to tell Chicagoans because they pretty much already think Chicago is the best city, period. But their feelings may have been confirmed by a new list that ranks the city as the second-best city in the world.

More than 20,000 city-livers gave their input to the 2022 Time Out index, saying they felt Chicago should be given the No. 2 spot for the best city in the world.

Their decision was based on the characteristics of the city, culture, how expensive it is, and nightlife, among other things. I mean, when you’ve got Harold’s, Uncle Remus, Giordano’s, Pearl’s Place, and more, what more can you ask for? On top of all-around bomb Chinese food. Chicago’s food and beverage scenes were called out as one of the city’s top features.

“Whether you want to try world-class dining, party until 4am at historic clubs, spend a day soaking up the sun along Lake Michigan, see iconic artworks or just wander among different neighborhoods, there’s never a dull moment to be had (yes, even when winter rolls around),” reads the report.

Chicago was on the list with 52 other cities, with Edinburgh, Scotland being ranked in the No. 1 spot. The top five included Medellín, Colombia; Glasgow, Scotland, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. New York made the No. 20 spot on the list.

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