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Channing Crowder Says He & Wife Aja Hang Out At Nudist Colonies Once a Year [Video]

“The Pivot” host Channing Crowder is no stranger to saying outrageous things but revealing that he and his wife visit a nudist colony takes the cake, leaving even guest Kevin Hart stunned.

The former NFL star turned podcaster made the revelation during the show’s most recent episode. He explained that he and his wife Aja, whom he’s been married to for 11 years, take yearly exhibitionist trips.

“We go to a place where like you walk in, and everybody just gets naked and walks around,” the 38-year-old said to a visibly confused Hart and fellow co-hosts Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark.

“Ya’ll just hanging out, or ya’ll f***ing these people?” Hart asked curiously as he began roasting the ex-pro athlete. 

Channing said that while he and Aja do not necessarily indulge in sexy time with their fellow nudies, they simply enjoy being naked amongst others who are equally as free. He then turned his attention to Hart, asking if he was into the nude wave, to which he quickly responded no.

“To be honest with you, I have no desire to be around a bunch of people I don’t know, just sitting there naked,” Hart maintained before adding, “I’m willing to bet a good number it ain’t a lot of put-together people going through this little stage.”

Needless to say, the conversation delivered jokes and even a few gems about Hart’s personal growth, relationships, and public mishaps. 

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