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Channing Crowder Doubles Down On Russell Wilson “Square” Comments [Video]

Channing Crowder is not backing down from his Russell Wison comments, despite the backlash he received.

During his appearance on The Breakfast Club alongside Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark to promote their The Pivot podcast, Crowder doubled down on his feelings that Wilson is a “square.” However, he did admit that speaking on Ciara was wrong.

“Bringing up Ciara, bringing up the man’s family. I’ll take that back,” Crowder said. Yee pressed him, even asking if the comments were personal, to which Crowder said they were not.

“I didn’t call him an alcoholic. I didn’t call him a deadbeat dad. I didn’t call him a pedophile. I called him lame!” Crowder said.

Clark chimed in to help clarify Crowder’s comments, explaining that Wilson was once pro “All Lives Matter” until he married a Black woman and changed his tune. He says that The Pivot hosts and even their families were harassed by internet trolls after the Wilson comments.

If you recall, Crowder was heavily criticized for saying that singer Ciara would not be with the football star if he were not wealthy because Wilson is lame. He even questioned how the singer could date a man like Future and then find love with Wilson afterward. This did not go over with fans of the couple, who have become the poster children for Black love.

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