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Carlos Santana Expected to Make Full Recovery After Passing Out on Stage


Carlos Santana is expected to make a full recovery after collapsing on stage on Tuesday.

The 74-year-old performer was “overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration,” his spokesman told People on Wednesday, adding that he was “taken to the emergency room at McLaren Clarkston [in Michigan] for observation and is doing well.”

The Grammy-winning musician passed out while performing at Pine Knob Music Theatre. He waved to the crowd as he left before being taken away on a stretcher.

Since then, Santana has rescheduled his performance in Pennsylvania.

In March, the guitarist embarked on a tour with Earth, Wind, and Fire and has since visited 32 cities.

Seven months ago, Santana postponed several Las Vegas performances due to an “unscheduled heart procedure.”

Last December, Santana shared a video on Twitter saying, “There have been rumors flying around here and there about this and that, so I’m here just to crystalize and make it clear.”

“Last Saturday, I had an incident where I asked my wife, Cindy [Blackman], to take me to the hospital because I had this thing happening in my chest,” he explained. “So when we went there, we found out that I needed to take care of it. So I am.”

Santana added, “I’m going to be taking time off for a little bit to make sure I replenish, and I rest, and I catch up with my health so that when I play for you, I will play the way I’m used to and give you 150 percent.”

He said he “wouldn’t show up” to perform “unless” he could offer the audience his all.



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