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Cardi B Discusses Why She Never Addressed Saweetie & Offset Rumors Following Quavo’s Song “Messy” [Audio]


Cardi B is vocal on many things, like politics and other female rappers. But people were surprised when she never addressed the rumor that her husband Offset and Saweetie had hooked up.

If you remember, Quavo released his song “Messy.” The 1/3 Migo member rapped: “I said Caresha, please cause she too messy, B*tch f*cked my awgg behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’. You wanted the gang; you should have just said it; we would have blessed it, now sh*t got messy.”

The lyrics had the internet in a frenzy because he seemed to imply that his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, had slept with one of his friends, whom many believed was Offset. And it didn’t help that the group split.

During a sit down with Cardi B on the Jason Lee Show, Jason read those lyrics to Cardi before asking her why she was quiet amid the rumors.

You know why I was quiet? I was quiet cause one thing I’m gonna do is find out the truth and you know I was finding out that truth in and it’s like if I entertain something which is not true on the internet people be like “Oh It is true!” because I address it …when I don’t address it whether it’s true or not It is true!. So I’m not gonna entertain the bull—-. If I entertain it’s going to go longer and the end of the day I know what’s going on in my house”.

Lee then chimed in that the New York emcee has no problem picking up the phone and getting to the root of it to clear the air.

“But that’s why I love…that’s the growth, you know what I mean? Because old Cardi would have been all over the internet and this and that. And I feel like we have to let people grow. Social media, don’t you think is the biggest contributor to most of the problems we all have now?”

Cardi agreed, saying especially when it comes to relationships. She then recalled the time when a girl named Celina was claiming on the internet that she was pregnant by offset and went as far as showing pictures.

“I was going so hard, like it’s not true, it’s not true. And every single time that I kept saying, “it’s not true,” people on purpose kept saying, “it’s true, it’s true, it’s true.” So it’s like I have learned from those experiences not to even address things that’s going on in my home when I know the truth cause its like people gonna make it worse cause it’s just entertainment.”



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