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California Man Faces Five Years In Prison For Threatening Merriam-Webster For Updating Its Definitions Of “Female”

A California man is facing five years behind bars for threatening to bomb Merriam-Webster over its updated gender definitions.

Last week, 34-year-old Jeremy David Hanson pleaded guilty to the federal charges. His plea comes just five months after he was arrested for sending hate mail to the company.

According to prosecutors, Hanson was outraged over the dictionary’s decision to include gender identity in its definitions of “woman,” “girl,” and “female.”

“You [sic] headquarters should be shot up and bombed,” he wrote in October 2021. “It is sickening that you have caved to the cultural Marxist, anti-science tranny agenda. And altered the definition of ‘female’ as part of the Left’s efforts to corrupt and degrade the English language and deny reality. You evil Marxists should all be killed. It would be poetic justice to have someone storm your offices and shoot up the place. Leaving none of you commies alive.”

Less than a week later, Hanson left another nasty comment on the publishing company’s website.

“I am going to shoot up and bomb your offices for lying and creating fake definitions in order to pander to the tranny mafia. Boys aren’t girls, and girls aren’t boys. The only good Marxist is a dead Marxist. I will assassinate your top editor. You sickening, vile tranny freaks,” Hanson wrote.

Merriam-Webster responded to the threats by closing down its New York City and Springfield, Massachusetts offices for five days.

Hanson also admitted to sending the rude messages to various lawmakers and companies, including NYC Mayor Eric Adams,  Walt Disney Co., and toy-maker Hasbro.

Hanson was charged with one count of threatening violence over interstate communications in connection to the Merriam-Webster case. In addition, he pled guilty to a similar offense, for threats made against the University of North Texas president.

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