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Brooklyn Pastor Manhandles Woman After She Interrupts Service

Police were called after a Brooklyn pastor was seen mishandling a woman during a live-streamed church service.

Things got a little heated on Sunday with Pastor Lamor Whitehead of the Local Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries chapter in Canarsie.

According to TMZ, sources say the incident occurred after an argument over who was filming Whitehead’s service.

During the service, a woman apparently interrupted Pastor Whitehead over recording concerns. As the incident escalated, he eventually invited the woman to the altar.

“Come on up here,” he said. “I’m gonna make you famous.”

Whitehead encouraged the congregation to pray in the spirit as the woman made her way down to the altar.

“Let’s give Jesus a round of applause. Let’s give Jesus a round of applause while they take pictures, and they want to be on social media,” Whitehead said as he pointed toward the camera.

The woman then approached Whitehead and proceeded to point and yell toward the altar; that is when Whitehead appeared to grab the woman’s head and shove her out of the picture.

Whitehead then ordered someone to remove another woman from the altar as the confrontation continued off camera. Whitehead told the woman to “press whatever charges” she wanted as he claimed he felt threatened.

“Amen, amen. You not going to come in my space. I feel threatened. Amen? Amen. Amen. Amen,” he said as he returned to the pulpit. “Let’s get back to the word of God. Clap it up.”

According to sources, Whitehead and the alleged victim were taken to the precinct for further questioning. The pastor was released without being charged, and the woman was charged with trespassing and disrupting a service or funeral, both misdemeanors.

Since then, Whitehead has responded to the allegations, claiming the woman and others were sent to disturb the church. He also alleged that the woman threatened his wife and daughter and said he did what he had to do to keep them safe.


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