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Brach’s Launches Hot Dog and Hamburger Flavored Candy Corn

Fall came earlier this year, and it’s giving hot-dog-flavored candy corn! The already controversial Halloween snack is getting a new unlikely spin on it– Hot Dogs, for the football season.

Brach’s new Tailgate lineup features expected flavors like Fruit Punch, Ice Cream, and Popcorn, then some unexpected flavors like Hot Dog and Hamburger.

The new flavors will be available at Walgreens until early October, just in time for Halloween, so you can decide if you want to indulge in the bold flavors.

Candy Corn already gets a bad reputation for being the strangest candy ever. Now adding new flavors is taking it to a whole other level.

However, this isn’t Brach’s first launch of some crazy flavors. Earlier this year, Brach’s launched Taco Truck, aka Taco-Flavored jelly beans, for Easter.

It looks like some more unique flavors could be on the horizon for next year, but for now, think about the Hot Dogs and Hamburgers.

Brach's Launches Hot Dog and Hamburger Flavored Candy Corn
Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn

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