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Best friends donate kidneys to couple in need of transplants

It’s important to have a reliable group of friends in your life, but not all friends are created equal.

Some go above and beyond the normal expectations of friendship and in the process become more like family.

That’s exactly the case for an Orange County couple named Chris and Ron.

Ron needed a kidney transplant this week, and best friend Brad stepped up.

“He needed it, and I had an extra is basically the reason,” Brad said.

Seven years ago, Chris was in the same situation, and who stepped up for her?

Her best friend Debbie, who is also Brad’s wife.

“Now we call each other kidney sisters,” Debbie said.

“Both of our journeys are different, but the end of the journey, we both received the beautiful gift of a kidney,” Chris said.

After a short recovery stint at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills, Brad was released from the hospital Sunday morning.

Ron is still hospitalized, but he is expected to make a full recovery and be released soon.

“I am so grateful, thankful that they did this for me, and I want to thank the whole family, because it’s a team effort,” Ron said.

For information about kidney donation, click here.

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