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Barack Obama Calls Herschel Walker ‘A Celebrity That Wants To Be A Politician’ During Speech [Video]

Former President Barack Obama took aim at Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker during a speech on Friday night in Georgia. 

Obama called out walker for carrying around a phony badge and saying he worked in law enforcement, likening it to “ a kid playing cops and robbers.” Instead, he said Walker is “a celebrity that wants to be a politician.”

The former president pointed out that Walker was a great football player, but that doesn’t qualify him for other jobs, like being a United States Senator. He explained that you would want a senator to have the experience to be able to weigh in on the economy, foreign policy, or the future, much like you would want a surgeon or pilot to be qualified.

Obama compared it to him being a running back, something he admitted he would be terrible at. “Can you imagine my slow, old, skinny behind getting hit by some 300-pound defensive tackle?” he joked. “You’d have to scrape me off the field.”

Walker caught wind of the former president’s remarks and hit back with his own comments on Saturday. He accused Obama of being absent since leaving office and being wrong for backing President Joe Biden. 

The senate candidate pointed out that he wouldn’t hire Obama to be a pilot either. Walker also pushed back on being called a celebrity. 

“I’m not a celebrity; I’m that warrior for God,” Walker said during his speech. 

The conservative candidate went on to talk about some of the issues he intends to tackle as a senator. 

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