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Azealia Banks Comments On Nicki Minaj, Says Latest Antics Give Off “Constipation, Regret, Low Self-Esteem…”

Although far-fetched, sometimes Azealia Banks makes some thought-provoking remarks. This time she has weighed in on Nicki Minaj, again.

Banks is no stranger to having a lot of controversial opinions, and Minaj is no exception. She has called the New York rapper out for her beef with other female emcees.

Apparently, Banks says Nicki’s latest antics are giving off “constipation, regret, low self-esteem, hood food, grease, drop top chicken box.”

Before continuing her rant, she made her views on white women in the music industry, saying they stick together.

“They’re trying to make sure they stay rich and dominate and make the space prime for their daughters, even if they cannot stand one another in real life, these white girls really protect their space in pop-culture hard.”

It seems that she implied that if Nicki was thinking smart, she would have the collabs with Cardi B, Doja, and Megan while “smiling in their faces while safaree worked on her album in the background then came through and dominated.”

Instead, she says Nicki has shown the world how “desperately” she’s relied on tokenism and sabotaging other Black female rappers behind the scene.”

And it didn’t end there. She finished her rant with a hard blow to Minaj. “Like it was an eassssssssy plan but no…”

“We wanna feed the baby chicken bones Defend white girls in blackface And give sex offender puss.”


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