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Apparently, People Are Using Their Instagram Close Friends Stories To Meet People For One-Night-Stands [Video]

Instagram users are reportedly using their Close Friends stories to hook up with people for one-night-stands.

From charging people to be part of their Close Friends to now using the green circle to greenlight a one-night-stand? I think we’ve seen it all.

“I couldn’t imagine using close friends to organize a booty call,” TikTok user Jac told her more than 50,000 followers. “But then that night I went to a concert and my friend was like ‘we have to take a selfie for close friends.’”

Finding it strange that she couldn’t be posted on her friend’s main story, she later learned that the friend was using it to nab a bedmate for the night. As soon as the friend posted the photo to their close friends, they were swarmed with booty call potentials.

While obviously, not everyone is using their close friends list as a way to get the goods from someone, in 2022, the idea isn’t too farfetched. “My close friends is all just obscure memes & me being embarrassing,” said a commenter on Jac’s post.




hetero culture is so fascinating #lesbiansoftiktok #closefriends

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