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Amber Rose Says She Doesn’t Believe In God Because She Has More Questions Than Answers [Video]

Amber Rose expounds on her spiritual beliefs after saying she doesn’t believe in God.

Muva Rose recently sat down with the “It’s Tricky” podcast and spoke about spirituality. When asked did she believe in God, Rose said she believes in science but not necessarily, a higher being.

“Like a higher power? That was like, here’s the people, and here’s the Earth, and here’s the planets? No,” the model said. “I believe in science more than an invisible entity named God.”

Further into the interview, Rose clarified that she is not into Scientology, though.

“I am not a Scientologist, no,” she said. “I just don’t understand how the first human species was on Earth six to eight million years ago. And religion just started two thousand years ago.”

Rose says she did grow up in the church sometimes whenever her mom felt like attending.

“My mom had her moments where she was really heavy in the church. Then it was like, you can’t watch The Simpsons or these kinds of cartoons because that’s the devil. And then it was like, alright, you can watch it now. I’m done with it. They do some wild sh*t. I don’t f*ck with that church anymore.”

She also mentioned how now she’s interested in Buddhism because it’s more philosophical than religious.

“I prefer Buddhism because it’s not really a religion. It’s like a philosophy, just to be a good person. And they accept you for your mistakes.”

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