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A Massive Brawl Between Two Families Breaks Out at Disney World After a Girl Tried to Rejoin Her Family in Line [Video]

A fight broke between two families at the most magical place on Earth following an argument that took place in line at a park attraction.

According to a Disney World blog, two families stood in line for a performance at Mickey’s PhilharMagic theatre at Magic Kingdom. One family member got out of line to retrieve her cellphone she accidentally left on her electric conveyance vehicle. When she tried to rejoin her group, another family wasn’t haven’t it.

All hell broke loose when another family, dressed in red and white, tried to stop the girl from regaining her spot with her family. Both families confronted each other at the theater’s exit. One of the girl’s family members then says to the red shorts clan: “We don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister.”

An argument ensued with both groups shouting profanity at one another. This eventually triggered a colossal fight that spilled out in front of the theater.

Bystanders recorded the fight with at least ten people involved and onlookers running for cover, shielding their children. The video captured children crying and witness calling for security’s help. The families were later broken up by law enforcement and hauled to the park’s security office.

One man was taken to the hospital due to a large cut on his chin from the fight. It’s unclear whether either family will press charges, but the blog says the red-shorts family allegedly “stole or broke several personal items belonging to their opponents, including mobile phones and designer clothes.”

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