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A Georgia Sheriff’s Office Is Investigating A Viral Video That Shows A Student Assaulting Her Teacher [Video]


A Georgia sheriff’s office is investigating a viral video that shows a student physically assaulting a teacher.

On Thursday, a video of a high school student assaulting her teacher went viral on social media. The video shows the female student engaging in a heated argument with the teacher that later spiraled into physical violence.

The student is reportedly a ninth-grader attending Heritage High School in Ringgold, Georgia.

“F*ck  you, b*tch, I don’t care if you’re an adult or not,” the girl can be heard saying to her teacher.  “You’re not going to talk to me like that, you d*umb a** b*tch.”

The teacher attempted to use her cell phone to call for assistance, but the student approached her and knocked the phone out of her hand. The teacher then pushed the student back as the ninth-grader repeatedly yelled, “You’re not going to talk to me like that! You’re not going to talk to me like that!”

At that point, the teacher chose to leave the classroom, prompting the student to close the door behind her. However, the teacher attempted to re-enter the classroom, but the student pushed her back out of the door.

“Do not put your hands on me,” the teacher said. The student responded by saying, “I’m fixing to start swinging!”

The verbal altercation turned physical as the student began hitting the teacher and knocking her down. The two engaged in a brief scuffle until other bystanders pulled them apart.

The teacher allegedly suffered a broken leg, according to the Twitter user who posted the video. Nevertheless, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office says they’re “actively investigating this incident. Once there is a decision to charge either party, RSCO will take proper steps.”


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