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16-Year-Old Who Was Hailed as Neighborhood Hero After Rescuing Three Girls & Police Officer From River Details Moment of Bravery [Video]

Sixteen-year-old Corion Evans has become a neighborhood hero after rescuing three girls and a police officer from Mississippi’s Pascagoula River.

According to Evans, the group of teens left a party that got shut down and eventually ended up at a bridge to hangout.

While he did not have any connection to the girls, Evans ran to their rescue after witnessing their car plunge into the river while attempting to leave the area.

“When I first saw them, I was in a moment of shock a little bit. Just seeing them in the water saying help. I had to snap out of it fast. I just took off my shirt and my shoes. My first thing was to just jump in the water,” Evans told Baller Alert.

Evans wasn’t the only one who attempted the help save the girls. A police officer eventually arrived at the scene, and while attempting to assist, got pulled underwater by one of the girls in panic.

Evens admitted that he was scared in that moment. “I was scared for my life when I had to go and help the officer and the girl because the girl was panicking taking the officer under.”

During that moment he thought, “I hope she doesn’t take me under while she’s panicking.”

“Luckily she was able to calm down a little bit by the time I got to her and was able to taker her in and she didn’t take me under,” he continued.

Since the incident, Evans has been honored by the city of Pascagoula and a GoFundMe has been created with hopes of sending him to college. So far, the GoFundMe is at $80,000.

Evans detailed his aspirations to attend college and shared what he would like to study.

“I would like to attend Mississippi State or Ole Miss, Southern Miss, those are really my top three. I want to go to college to be a physical therapist, get into sport medicine or maybe real estate.”

Evans also shared what this moment means to him and why it is important for the world to see a black teenager save a police officers life following the history of the nature of police officers and young black men.

“Over the years it has been young African American men getting shot or killed by cops. It has been back and forth between young African American men and cops. I feel like when I did that, there’s still hope. It’s another me somewhere in the world, it’s another black African American out there willing to do the same thing I did,” said Evans.



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